The 2nd International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems
November 16-17th, 2016
Khenchela, Algeria
Accepted Papers for Oral Presentation
Sara Belarouci, Fatima Bekaddour and Chikh Mohammed AmineComparative study of medical data classification based on LS-SVM and Metaheuristics approaches
Mohammed Omari, Yamina Ouled Jaafri and Rekia DlimEnhancing Arabic manuscripts: Application and Evaluation of the Local Thresholding Bernsen Method
Nebia Bentabet and Berrached Nasr EddineDevelopment of Synchronous P300 based BCI to Control Home Appliances
Zina Achour Decentralezed RBFNN and Fuzzy Based PID Controllers for TITO Nonlinear System
Mohamed Boulakradeche, Sami Ait Aoudia, Dominique Michelucci, Kawther Taibouni and Abir FarouziSegmentation by tangent filter
Khaled Ben Sid, Djamel Samai,Fatima Zohra Laalem, Amina Tidjani and Maarouf KourichiMultimodal Palmprint Biometric System Using New Variant Of Local Phase Quantization and Support Vector Machine methods
Fethi Demim, Abdelkrim Nemra, Kahina Louadj, Mustapha Hamerlain and Abdelouahab Bazoula Cooperative Multiple Robots SLAM Using the Smooth Variable Structure Filter
Mehal Zakaria,Abdelkrim Nemra and Fethi DemimSingle camera SLAM for MAV using Smooth Variable Structure Filter
Hasnaa El Hansali and Mohammed BennaniPlanning tripod gait of an hexapod robot
Hichem Mahgoun and Mounira OuarzeddineCAPON Inversion Algorithm for the Retrieval of Volume Backscatter Signal in a Tomography-SAR Application
Korichi Maarouf, Meraoumia Abdallah, Aiadi Kamal Eddine, Bendjenna Hakim and Bensid KhaledEnhancing the Privacy Technologies by Using the Finger-Knuckle-Print Features
Djouad Tarek, Boudjidj Abdelghani and Hemam MounirA multi-agents system to compute human learning indicators activities in Technology Enhanced Learning systems
Lahcene Guezouli and Samir AbdelhamidA Multi-Criteria Genetic Algorithm To Solve the Multi-depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window
Menzer Hilal and Abdelhamid SamirProcessing a voice query in a Standard Arabic Human-Machine Dialog System (SAHMDS)
Samir Sellami and Nacereddine ZarourTowards an Integration Approach for Enterprise Data with large-scale Social and Linked Data
Mohsene Abdelfettah Tebbi and Boualem HaddadImproving the satellite images classification by the artificial intelligence systems, Application on rainy areas detection
Aiadi Oussama, Khaldi Belal and Kherfi Mohammed LamineRetrieving images from unlabeled photo collections using a textual query
Belal Khaldi, Oussama Aiadi and Mohammed Lamine KherfiTexture-based image retrieval: A comparative study
Meriama Belhadef Mahamdioua and Benmohammed MohammedAutomatic estimation of SIFT Parameters for face recognition under dificults illumination conditions
Najia Allali,Zineb Chaouch and Mohammed TamaliNotification Strategy Based Mobile Agents Techniques Applied to Authentication System
Hocine Chebi and Dalila AcheliBehavior Recognition by Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Latifa Boudjellali and Noria TaghezoutCollaborative environment based on videoconferencing for disaster management
Ryma Messaouda Amara, Nacereddine Zarour and Omar BoussaidAn SLA-based process for the elicitation and evaluation of consumers needs in the Cloud
Adel Kermi, Mohamed Ayoub Neggaz, Khaled Andjouh and Ferhat ZidaneA Fully Automated Brain Tumor Segmentation in 3D-MRI using Symmetry Analysis of brain and Geodesic Level Sets
Saighi Asma, Roose Philippe, Ghoulami Nassira, Laborie Sébastien and Laboudi ZakariaMultimedia Presentation Adaptation Architecture Assisted by Ontological Reasoning
Yamina Yahia Lahssene, Mokhtar Keche and Abdelaziz OuamriDriver state monitoring system using video processing
Khadidja Midoun, Malik Loudini and Wk HidouciLoad Balancing In MapReduce
Boussad Azmedroub and Mounira OuarzeddinePolarimetric SAR Target Decompositions for Cropland Classification
Boussad Azmedroub and Mounira OuarzeddineRandom Forest versus SVM for Polarimetric SAR Images Classification
Djouad Tarek, Djenane Azzedine, Mebarki Leila Amel and Hemam MounirAugmented reality in Technology Enhancing Learning systems: An architecture to support collaborative work
Bilal Saoud and Moussaoui AbdelouahabCommunity Detection in Networks Based on Node Similarity and Modularity
Mohamed Zellagui,Heba Ahmed Hassan and Mohamed BouchahdaneOptimal Power Flow of Two-Terminal HVDC Transmission Systems Using Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm
Wassila Belferdi, Lemnouar Nouiand Ali BehloulA Novel Cholesky Decomposition-based Scheme for Strict Image Authentication
Asma Belhadj and Rachid BeghdadArea Coverage in a Wireless Sensor Network with presence of mobile nodes
Ghoul Khalid, Berkane Mohamed and Batouche Mohamed ChawkiFrequency Methods for Motion Estimation
Zianou Ahmed Seghir Structural Similarity Index based on Gradient Similarity
Hemam Mounir, Djezzar Meriem and Djouad TarekAn Ontological Approach for Domain Knowledge Modeling and Querying in Wireless Sensor Networks
Menaceur Sadek OLAPing and Big Data Mining : A Survey
Merzoug Soltane, Derdour Makhlouf and Kazar OkbaSmart Configuration of Resource Based on Multi-Agent System in Cloud Data Centre
Soundes Belkacem, Larbi Guezouli and Samir ZidatText Detection and Localization Using HU Moments
Amrous Anissa Imene, El-Taani Imene and Deyeche MohamedRobust Arabic multi-stream speech recognition based on dynamic Bayesian network
Assia Laggoun, Kinza Nadia Mouss, Imen Driss and Sihem LaggounParticle Swarm Optimization For One Warehouse Multi Retailer Problem With Cumulative Particulate Matter Constraint
Fateh Bouguerra and Lamir SaidiANN Symbol Decision Making in Multipath Distorted Channel with QPSK Modulation
Lysa Ait Messaoud and Fatiha MerazkaCooperative Artificial Bee Colony Based Interference Alignment for K-User MIMO Interference Channel
Elhadi Kenane, Farid Djahli, Christophe Dumond and Rafik LabdaniA Novel Adaptive Beamforming using Modified Invasive Weeds Optimization for Linear Array Antennas Nulls Control
Ines Khacheba, Hadda Cherroun and Mohamed Bachir YagoubiDesign of an Interface for Authentication through the Electronic Directory Service OpenLDAP
Boudjidj Houssem, Borhani Islam, Hemam Sofiane Mounine and Hioual OuassilaMCDM for Scheduling Unilatory Tasks in Distributed and Heterogeneous Environment
Salim Djeriou and Aissa KheldounVector control of Dual Star Induction Motor-Water Pumping System Fed by Photovoltaic Generator using Fuzzy Controller
Abdelhamid Lebal, Mahmoud Chaira and Nadir Hadjsadclassification and following of dynamic data using multi-classifiers approach: Application of epilepsy detection for EEg signal
Noudjoud Kahya, Nacira Ghoualmi and Pascal LafourcadeFormal Analysis of Key Management in 802.16e
Muneera Alhoshan, Eman Alkhunain and Isra’a AlturaikiAn Evaluation Study of Arabic SMS Classification
Hocine Chaouch and Fatiha MerazkaImproved Robustness of ACELP Based Coders AMR-WB G.722.2
Kamel Mebarkia, Mohamed Lamine Talbi and Aicha ReffadSVM Classifier for Imagery Left and Right Hand Movement Using EEG Signals.
Ali Mousavi, Andrew Hunter and Abbas Sheikh Mohammad ZadehUsing Ontology Based Semantic Association Rule Mining in Location Based Services
Alti Adel Universal Smart Social Multimodal Adaptation Platform
Sourour Maalem and Nacereddine ZarourMethod of Collaborative Requirements Validation CoRV in cooperative environments
Aicha Reffad, Mohamed Chaouki Liamini and Kamel Mebarkia ISOLATED DIGITS RECOGNITION USING NEURAL NETWORK MLP
Boufas Borhane Eddine, Ghanemi Salim and El Bay BourenaneThe improvement of SRFID Protocol
Accepted Papers for Poster Presentation
Amira Hakim, Abdelkrim Amirat and Mourad Chabane OussalahTowards a dynamic reconfiguration approach of Internet of Things systems
Badra Khellat Kihel and Benyettou MohamedA New Hybrid Evolutionary Approach for Feature Selection
Amina Birem and Amina SerirCompression of Noisy Images in Wavelet Domain via Projection onto Approximation Coefficients
Megouache LeilaNew framework model to secure Cloud data storage
Nebia Bentabet and Nasreddine Berrached Controlling P3-Dx Robot Using Synchronous P300 Based BCI
Abdelfettah Zeghoudi, Abdellatif Takilalte and Youcef HamzaControl algorithm of a heliostat in a solar power tower using the intelligence artificial systems to guide its motors
Mohamed Fezari, Sid-Ali Rachedi and Ali Al-DahoudVideo Games Interfaces as Depth Based Gesture Recognition for HCI Applications
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